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Nietzsche on a skateboard. Which is the greater will? Can I overcome the sidewalk should I test its resolve? Does it desire more to break a bone that I do to find its substrate? Do I insist on the truth when I predict that I should be defeated in this rivalry? Even more, since that "honest little old ego" has no right to assert itself in the equation, is there in-fact a "fall" at all. Schrödinger's cat may not be yet dead nor alive but my ankle feels like shit!

Nietzsche pulls a 900, not him, not anything more than that quantum cat. The hypothalamus wastes precious time better spent procreating or feeding, but for what causa sui? If none then how can the singular beast find endorphinic reward for dangerous absurdity. He must either delude himself separated two degrees from the absoulute or he will be driven mad by its interference. And if he could effect this illusion would it not require a subject to act on this object. But should Friedrich have ripped the alps on some nineteenth century Winterstick he might have finally given up ol' superman (perhaps if Hitler and Stalin had gotten together and followed suit we could have avoided the whole tragic first half of this century). For when he finally reached the top of that mountain he would have seen proof of the elusive "I am" spread forth before him. He would have found it manifest within him as he discovered the transcendent state of oneness in mind and body that can only come from a "twoness" of being.

Inspiration to manifestation in defiance of mortality with an expectation of eternity. This is breath, this is "I". This is my hand attached to my arm. This is my foot hanging from my leg. This is the mountain, this is my body. They were one before and again. We are one, now.

Gabriel Chapman, 1999