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People are Strange

Hello everyone,
I'm just sitting here listening to my favorite Doors song. People Are Strange. Yesterday I was skating downtown. I noticed a local group of skaters roll into the "walkway". The walkway is like a little area to sit downtown. The skaters here have turned it into their own little skate park. It has a single bench and then two very long ones. All of them are pretty messed up. Anyway, to get to the point. I was sitting on a bench with this guy named Jay. As the big group rolled in, a smaller kid, about 7 yrs. old came up behind them with his brother. Now his brother automatically went to hang-out with the big group. The little kid moved over to one bench and tried to jump on it but he couldn't ollie that high. He was cruising all over the place! Trying kickflips, nollies and anything else he knew. Well he didn't land any of them. The other, larger, group kept laughing and then started to make fun of him. I noticed his brother was playing along. Well it didn't take too long before the little kid left. Now i'm not an expert, but I think that kid was pretty good for being 7 yrs. old! Hell, i wasn't even on a skateboard at 7!?! Well I just hope in a few years when that big group and the little kid's brother are all off getting stoned and have given up skating, that this kid has made a name for himself.....maybe even gone pro. That's what i think anyway!