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A Part Of Me
by Gav

Do you ever feel like your skateboard is a part of you? Yesterday, I left the house without my skateboard to go to college. I thought it might give me an incentive to finally get around to doing some work at the art gallery I was supposed to visit. Even as I ran out of the house to go and catch my train I felt odd. Why wasn’t I riding down the hill? Walking or running felt weird, it took too much effort. I should be gliding.

Walking through town was weird. Everything was. I saw endless opportunities to skate as I walked. Even things I wouldn’t even consider when I was riding. In some desperate bid to control my mind I had to fill it with imagining skating. Whilst I sat down I would look over expecting to see my board. I would almost be able to feel it beneath my feet, I would go to pick it up at the end of lessons or panic that I had left it somewhere because I didn’t have it.

My skateboard has become a part of me. I don’t feel whole without it. I can feel something missing under my feet or in my hand. I’ve been taken over. There’s no way out now, I have become skateboarding, it runs in my body like blood. I’m addicted to it, I get jumpy and irritable without my daily fix.

Oh, the art gallery was closed so I sat on the station for three quarters of an hour….