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Skate Kid

I taught my son to ride a skateboard. He started at 5 years old now at 8 years old he is getting to be quite a good skater, like today we went for a skate at the skatepark, he did a trick I have never seen him do. I was so surprised at him pulling the trick!!
I asked him: When did you learn that trick?
He said: I have been practicing it for awhile but I wanted to surprise you Dad.
My son will surpass my skateboarding skills someday, and I will be proud to have started it for him. I will always skate, and progress but my son has no limits to where he can go with skating. I am proud to be his father. Oh yeah, the trick he pulled was an ollie grab to fakie on a real steep quarterpipe, not to bad for an 8 year old huh?

-Andrew Kutras