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Small Town Skateboarding
by Dan O'Connell
photos by Jared Gates

Skating in a small town revolves around the newest ramp built or somebody taking a car ride to the nearest park. I live in the town of Farmington, New Hampshire the population is just about 3000. A skatepark has just been built if you can even call it that. It consists of what ever can be found in the woods from wooden construction pallets to a soccer goal post used as a flat bar rail. The town never goes out of its way to build anything it just makes sure the rails and ramps have no sharp screws sticking out, which they usaully do.

The point is all the kids are content on skating these obstacles because they are all they have ever known. To them a million dollar cement park in Oregon is more or less a dream or fantasy. They don't live to dream about venturing off and skating these distant parks but live to skate what ever is handed to them. So whether they are skating a perfect ten stair in Love Park or a ramp fashioned out of crude plywood they enjoy every moment. That is the true essence of skateboarding worldwide.