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Bad Breaks

On Monday, I went skating with my friend Daniel. We found this little bump in the sidewalk that we used for a launch. After skating there for about an hour, we decided to see who could ollie over the highest obstacle. First up, a skateboard we both cleared easily.

Then, we put a backpack on top of the skateboard. It couldn't have been more than a foot high. Daniel tries, and lands on his board. His front foot stays on, but his back foot slides off. He catches his toe on the ground, while the rest of him keeps going. All I hear is a loud crack. He starts screaming, and I run through the woods to some guy's house.

The guy is out front, loading his car to go to the beach. I ask him to call an ambulance. He looks at me like I'm an idiot until he hears my friend screaming. So he calls the cops, and they get an ambulance. I run back to Daniel, he's freaking out, asking for his mom. The cops get there, and look at him. Don't do a damn thing. Ambulance gets there fifteen minutes later. Daniel goes in the back, and they dope him up on morphine.

Cop gives me hell about skating. I left. Later, I found out that Daniel broke his leg in three places, right above the ankle, and probably won't skate again. The reason for the bad break? He hurt his ankle on Saturday the same way. So, a word of advice: If you get hurt, rest for a while. Don't end up with a limp for the rest of your life. -paul