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You Know You're Going to Fail
by Smith

Every time I step onto a skateboard,I know that no matter what happens I will be out doing something I love and enjoy, whether I'm alone or with friends, whether I do well, or not land a single trick. Things like that don't matter at all, it's always been about the actual skating for me.

Recently I was talking to a good friend, and like a lot of people, she asked why I skated. she understood that skating gives me an incredible feeling, and that it's more than a some kind of sport, which is how I usually have to describe it to someone. but she said "You know you're going to fall" and that really made me think. The fact that everytime I have skated I've been knocked to the ground had never even crossed my mind. I can't remember a time when I lacked scrapes and bruises from a good skate session. It just
wasn't something that bothered me. But for people who dont skate, we must look ridiculous. Falling on our faces, leaving skin on the pavement and scars on our bodies, all for the sake of landing the next trick (which most people can't comprehend the difficulty of anyways).

Maybe thats what all the once-were skaters were thinking when they decided to give it up. Is it worth all the sacrifice, all the time, effort, sweat and blood? I think so. I could never leave skating, not because of all the time I have invested in it, but because it's my passion. It will always repay my pain with satisfaction.

I hope I never have to lose it, and if you feel the same way as me, I hope you don't either.

(thanks jamie, for listening and for always having something to say)