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My name is Nitzan and I'm from this little country that you may hear a lot on the news: Israel. If you have heard about Israel in the news so my guess is that you heard mostly about all kind of bombs and dead people and a lot of you might think that we are in war over here, well in this so called column I would like to show you that this is not true and that we even skateboard over here.

In Israel we don't have a lot of skaters but I hope that the skateboarding scene is getting bigger and now we even have a skateboarding company called "Revert" and we have a couple of skateparks, not so big but still..........

Most of the skaters live in the center of Israel and where I live we are about 10 skaters (one hour away from the center of Israel) and we're not that good but getting better. If you ask me why we're not that good I'll have to say that there are two reasons for that:
1) We don't have really good skaters to skate with so it's hard to get better when all the other skaters are not so good.....
2) We don't have a lot of spots to skate in........

In Tel-Aviv [center of Israel] the skate scene is a lot bigger!!!! The skaters there are very good and there are a lot of spots. Me and my friends go to Tel-Aviv as often as we can!

That's about it for my column..... if you want to see pictures of us Israeli skaters you can find some in this url: