Two Jasons have contributed the most to this site, Jason Bash and Jason Karl. So it's fitting that for our 40th contribution, Jason Bash gets his due. Thanks Jason.
Arthur Hewitt approached me about submitting pics, the next day he sent some over. These are the first bunch, more will come.
More contributions from Josh Hall out of Richmond.
Jason Bash has sent me more pictures, and, if you haven't noticed, his pictures aren't only good technically, but they're original and creative.

Outside my window I saw seagulls today that flew in great circles as the sun went down.

Some quality pictures from Jason Bash.

Pictures from Josh Hall representing Richmond, VA. This kid's got talent!
Some pictures from Cheryl, who skateboarders better than you do.
Some pictures from the IMF building, which is no longer, and Pulaski.
Kevin Marks from the Four Corners Tour sends us pictures from all over the US.
Jason Karl went to FDR to skate with friends and take some pictures, a couple of well-known skateboarders showed up, and his plans changed to just taking some pictures.
Jason Bash keeps them coming. Rock.

Recently, we had a rad skate demo/punk rock show here in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Jason Karl was there to document one local ripper who turned heads and elicited cheers the whole day. Word on the street is that JK recently took some shots at an FDR park with pros like Elissa Steamer, Bam Margera, Kerry Getz and Mike Valley ripping things up... keep an eye out for them in the very near future.

Three random pics that were submitted in the last couple of months. Me being a disorganized gimp caused them to only reach people now.
Alyssa comes out of nowhere with some really quality pictures.
Jason Bash with his best pics so far.
Jason Bash with more pictures of people riding skateboards.
Jason Karl returns from Love Park in Philadephia with some amazing shots.
Steve Rodriguez and the Fiveboro team travel to Vermont and rip up the park, pics by Liu.
Pics from FDR skatpark by Stephen Voss. These are off-site, on Buddyhead, which should be checked out as well.
A new-found ditch brings the kids skating, and tears the hell out of anyone who falls, pics: Jason Karl.
Jason Karl, Jeff Karl, pictures, New Jersey, you know the deal.
Warning: if you don't like crooked grinds, stay away from these pics.
Jason Bash skates better than you, but, he also takes pictures better than you.
The recording of skateboarding at Pulaski Park, by Stephen Voss.
I (Steve) tried scanning directly from the negatives of some pics at Pulaski Park, and they came out pretty neat.
Jason Karl with some choice gems from Love Park, and some more NJ action.
Two from someone out west, one from Stephen Voss in DC.
Jason Karl continues to document the NJ scene.
Pictures from Philadelphia, New Jersey, and DC, a joint page by Jason and Steve.
Pictures from East of Maui Skatepark in Silver Spring, MD, by Stephen Voss.
Even more pics from the Out of Bounds demo.
More pics from Out of Bounds demo in NJ.
Photos of Mike Cardona (RIP) and Quim Cardona, by Stephen Voss.
Photos from Paul Schweigert, of his friend Steven White, ripping up the town.
The first batch of photos from Jason Karl, one of my best contributors, a damn talented photographer, and also a great skater.
Pictures from Wheels in Motion (Magic) Skatepark in Reading Pennsylvania, by Stephen Voss
Pics from the 1998 Warped Tour in Asbury Park, by Stephen Voss.
More pics from NYC by Thoai Tran, including some people you can see in most glossy skate mags these days.
New York City pics from Thoai Tran.
Our first photo contribution ever, pics by Travis Keller of buddyhead fame.