Bastard, "Proudly made by those lazy Italians."

Those lazy Italians sent skatedork this amazing little tool to rock.

Half skateboard, half inline skate? Interesting stuff.

And yes, I lost all my pictures I had of it.

When's the last time you've seen skulls on the top of your board? When's the last time you looked at your mounting hardware, and thought to yourself, "Bad-ass."

You will.

When your entire company is devoted to bearings, you know they have to be good at what they do.
NC Clothing started as a skateshop, and has started to release clothes, which I was fortunate enough to be able to give a wear to.
Out of Portland Oregon comes one my favorite names of a skateboard company. Rainy Day makes boards and clothing while managing to keep prices down for the dirt cheap skaters. We got to check out one of their decks.
Harbinger has been making pads for awhile, and we got to test them out on a trip to Hackettstown skatepark.
Skateboarding's history has not been well-documented before, except in the monthly coverage in various glossy magazines. Michael Brooke was determined to change this.
If you've read Thrasher for a long while, you'll remember Eggplant from a ways back, with their hand-written ads for hats... they're back, with a whole bunch more clothing for the discerning skateboarder.
Straight out of Oregon comes a small shockpad company determined to lengthen the life of your skateboard.

The Skateboard Hangar is supposed to keep your board out of the day so it doesn't get hit by a car or something when not in use.

So far that hasn't been a huge problem for me, but read on for our thoughts on this fluorescent-colored invention.

Why would we review something as trivial as griptape? Because we can.

Not to mention the fact that all griptape is not the same.