Randoms Mounting Hardware

Randoms simply makes mounting hardware, and I think it's badass. What separates their mounting hardware from everyone elses is that the screws never ever need to be tightened. This is done by the putting a vertical thread on the screw. To initially put the screw in, you have to hammer it in, as the thread digs into the wood a little bit to ensure that the screw will not twist at all.

Once the screws are in, they stay in. I've skated my board for almost a month now, and haven't had any of them come loose. Did I mention how badass it is to see skulls on the top of your board? Bad-ass. They come with different screw heads, those alien things that kids seem to like, a smiley face, and a ying-yang.

This is definitely one of the few innovative things I've seen in skateboarding recently, and it really is nice not to have to worry about your mounting hardware falling off as you set up for a trick.