Bastard Skate Tool
C.P. 211
20126 Milano, Italy
Phone +39 . 02 . 27 006 796

Bastard is a company from Italy who makes all sorts of things, including snowboards and clothing. They seem to be really fun people (I just get that from talking to them over e-mail and looking at the website). They sent me their skate tool to check out and to give the skatedork stress test.

You can see from the picture it's shaped like a dog. This little piece of design genius can go on your keyring, and forever stop worries that a loose screw will end a skate session.

Hopefully this picture from the back of the package will show you just how incredible this little thing is. I've already used it a bunch of times while skating at Pulaski in DC, both for myself, and to help out my fellow skater. Instead of carrying around a bulky skate tool that will bruise you when you fall, slipping one of these bastards (I guess that's not really that funny) on your keyring will keep you skating.