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Eggplant Clothing PO Box 523, Fairfax, CA 94978.

Eggplant Clothing

Lots of companies out there make t-shirts bearing their logo, and in the end, Eggplant Clothing is hardly different than many of them. I mean, t-shirts are t-shirts. When you buy a t-shirt with a certain company logo, you're giving them your okay, you're saying, "I support this company." What I'm getting at is that you have a certain amount of power in the money you spend, and by supporting companies who support skateboarding, or another worthy pursuit that you believe in, you're expressing a voice.

Buying a t-shirt with a swoosh on it makes a lot of very rich people even richer, buying a pair of $125 running shoes to look good in is (in many cases) showing your support of sweatshop labor practices. But support a small clothing company/skate company, and your showing your support of independant businesses without corporate ties, and at least in my opinion, you're going to find nicer clothes.

Here's where we're at with Eggplant Clothing. The company started when Chris was 12, and his brother Matt was 22, (complete history at website), after crazy success, they kind of hung loose for awhile, and now, are back in full force. Eggplant clothing is about doing something you believe in, in submitting hand-written ads (as seen in thrasher, and of course skatedork), and being intentionally out of touch with buzzwords like "the industry" and "worldwide distribution." So, they sent me a t-shirt, and damn it if my mom didn't even like how it looked. They have a ton of shirts and sweatshirts, and I would recommend that you give them a looking over, it's good stuff.

To get in touch with Eggplant, you can look at their website and ever order stuff (above) or write them electronic mail at, or, for the neo-Luddites out there, write them real mail, the kind you find when you walk out to your mailbox, at PO Box 523, Fairfax, CA 94978.