Harbinger Pads 35 Executive Court, Napa, CA 94558

So I went to the Warped Tour two years ago and had a pretty good time, mostly because of the girl I was with, who I was crazy about, and still am. We walked around all day, checking out some bands, watching the skateboarders on the vert ramp and the ultra-rough street course.

Throughout the day, the crowd in front of the vert ramp came and went, though it didn't seem to be related that much to whether anyone was actually skating or not... weird. Most skaters would take a few runs, and spend a lot of time chilling out. The one exception was Andy Macdonald, who didn't stop skating the entire day, that's about six hours of skating, when's the last time you've skated for six hours with few breaks?

I mentioned this whole thing because Andy Macdonald rides Harbinger skate pads, which definitely counts for something in my mind. Harbinger was kind enough to send the skatedork staff some elbow and kneepads to fall and sweat in. I don't get out to skateparks much, but when I do, I dread the nasty box full of old, perpetually damp pads that I get to rent from, and it was so nice to have my own pair.

Anyways, we arrived at Hackettstown, I put the pads on, and thought first, how comfy they were. These pads aren't just pieces of plastic and velcro straps, they have incredibly padding, sort of like a pillow behind the plastic part, so when you fall (which I'm particularly good at), the plastic absorbs the blow, and the padding keeps any of the impact from reaching your knees. This is all done without the pads being too bulky or cumbersome (July 7th's word of the day).

So after some hard use, the pads don't show any signs of wear or tear except for the small scratches on the plastic. The one thing these pads, nor any pads I've ever worn have ever figured out, is how to somehow keep your knees and elbows cool while skating. I was a sweaty mess when I finally peeled them off of me at the end of the night, though, they have yet to take on any kind of musty smell that I'd grown accustomed to in rented pads, so maybe there's hope.