Rainy Day Concepts 5948 SW Garden Home Rd, Portland, OR 97219.

Rainy Day Concepts means smoky coffeehouses (not that Starbucks crap), and lighting fires to dry off your board before water seeps to its inside and delams it. You need to appreciate what it is like to skate in a city where it rained three out of four days last winter.

RDC is a skateboard and clothing company based in Portland, Oregon. Their boards come from the same place as the big companies, but they buy in bulk, and have them printed inhouse, which means you, the poor skater, sees a dramatic decrease in price (try $39.95 for a deck, which includes shipping and grip).

Running a skate company is difficult, running a small one is even harder. Through a core rider base, and roots that are deep in skateboarding, RDC is getting by. And the board? Right... good pop, feels strong and has clean, simple graphics that fit the company.

The best way to check this company out and support them is to head on over to http://www.rdcshop.com/. You can see rad pics of the team riders, and order securely (meaning some kid isn't going to steal your cc#) on-line to get the product delivered right to you.