NC Clothing

NC Clothing sent me some clothes for review, including a t-shirt, some pants and a very shiny athletic shirt. I wasted no time throwing them into the rigorous skatedork testing process (i.e. me wearing them, then going skateboarding).

I really liked the look of these pants, and they were super comfy, when I first put them on, they felt like pants that had already gone through a bunch of washes. They were baggy, but not in a way that would have me tripping over myself (a la 1992). The material was a little heavier than in most skate clothes, and after falling on them a couple of times, I was surprised to see that they hadn't torn or frayed or anything like that.

The mesh pockets were a neat look, though definitely one of those things that functionally means nothing though.

The elastic tightening things allowed me to wear these pants in a bunch of different ways, from hippie mid calf, to pulling them up to my knees, and looking really silly. The downside was that I rather quickly managed to step on these plastic things and break them off, so, that fun didn't last long.

The mesh shirt they sent me followed the widespread trend in skateboarding to emulate "athletic" wear, which I guess is good for a lot of people, but the shirt just didn't fit my style. Plus, my friends made fun of me when I wore it, mostly because they could see my pale white chest all too clearly.

I really liked the t-shirt design, super clean graphics, and a good color (my girlfriend said it brings out the color in my eyes.

To wrap things up, NC Clothing makes good clothes, though I wasn't fond of the mesh shirt, and had some problems with the elastic tighteners, I think kids will dig this stuff. Look for the new product line in a skateshop near you.