I Skate Bearing Products

I Skate is a company whose focus is rather narrow, but because of this, they have been able to make some really useful tools that I've never seen anywhere else. Everything the company does centers around those crucial metal cylinders that you jam in your wheels, run through puddles, and generally neglect.

The first tool is a bearing puller. Instead of using the axle on your trucks to yank out the bearings, which can strip the thread on the axle and make it a pain to get the screws back on, you slip this little device under the bearing and pry it out. This picture doesn't really show it well, but the end of the tool is curved, so that when you are pulling the bearing out, you don't need to use brute strength to pull it straight out, but instead you sort of pry it out, which is a lot easier.

The second tool is the bearing press, which does the opposite of the tool above. They also claim it can take bearings out, but I found it to not be particularly good at doing that. What's nice about these two tools is how quickly you can take bearings out and put them in using both of them. The process of cleaning bearings used to take up to an hour, but now it's half that for me using these tools.

The last part of the package I got from IS is their Speed Spray. I've always used WD-40 to keep my bearings going, but this stuff is, without a doubt, better, and longer lasting. To test it, I found some old bearings that were rusted enough that I couldn't get them to spin. I gave them a liberal spray from the bottle, waited as the liquid bubbled on them and grime on the bearing bled out onto the paper towel, and then tried again. This time they spun for quite a while, and I was pretty impressed. I'm still skating these rusty bearings, and I give them a spray every couple of weeks to keep them going. Other old bearings I have have also found a new life using the spray.

In all, I Skate has made some quality products, I especially think they would be useful to skateshops, where lots of decks are being assembled each day and efficiency is a plus.

On a totally unrelated note, my friend Jim gave me a great tip awhile back on skateboarding in the rain. The idea is to get an old deck that you wouldn't normally skate, and put a couple of coats of Weather Seal on it. The board will be a little heavier, but you'll be able to actually watch the water bead off of it when you skate. Thanks Jim.