Pulaski Park, or Freedom Plaza as it is commonly known, is rich with skateboard history.  It located on 14th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW.  It hosts some of the best terrain all together in one spot in the city, and all the ledges are waxed smooth.   But... it's also the easiest spot in the entire city to get busted.  The cops here will chase you, and if they catch you, you will be arrested, and your board will be taken away, and it costs $70 to get it back. 

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They aren't kidding.

I wish I had some pictures of people tearing up the terrain, but since I don't, here are some pictures of what is there, and you can use your imagination.

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Just a short ways from there, at the Metro Center station, is the famous golden rail.   Apparently it's Ed Templeton's favorite rail, which is saying a lot.  It's got a nice lead up, and a decent landing.

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