South Tahoe Scene Report
by S. Scott Simpson

Skateboarders here are truly hardcore. Due to the high altitude of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains, there are two seasons here, summer and winter. Skaters get to session 4-5 months max a year. To say the least, They rip!

South Lake Tahoe is mostly a snowboard/ski town with few places conducive to skating. However, you must stop at the Bijou Community Public Skate Park. It is an artwork of smooth concrete, it is fun, and it is free! Legally, a helmet, elbow and kneepads are required. Of course the police aren't there all the time, but if they come on a bad doughnut day, they'll write you a ticket for not using the required gear.

This is by no means a complete scene report. It is only my way to help fellow skaters have more fun. Cheers!

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Bijou Community Park

Directions: Coming from Sacramento on Hwy 50, turn right at the first intersection you come to when arriving in the South Lake Tahoe City limits. Go past the US Bank, which is on your right, and turn right at the next intersection onto Al Tahoe Blvd. Go to the intersection of E. College Dr. and turn left into the beautiful Bijou Community Park and voila! You are ready to have fun!

Rick Rein Reigns!

Give it up for Pat Newell! Benihana to hell and back!