Issue #3 (still black and white, but on nicer paper) is available by sending $2 to (or buying online)::

Stephen Voss
221 Spring Ridge Dr.
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

Skatedork Issue #3 Summer 1999 (buy online)

Rock a Block: Building Your Own Skate Spot

Book Review: Mark Gonzales' Broken Poems and Michael Brooke's The Concrete Wave

Skate Protest Update

Skateboarding and Photography

Art by Matt Irving

Plus fantastic columns, full page pictures, product reviews and more.

Reviews of Skatedork #3

Angry Thoreauan #26 - What a fantastic zine! It isn't your typical macho sports rag though. Steve and his contributors truly have a deep love for the sport. This issue talks about the problems skateboarders deal with on a daily basis with the police and other public officials; the importance of skating for the sake of art; old timers rediscovering skateboarding; building your own skatespot; skateboarding and photography. The story that stood out was "Bad Breaks" by Scott Pierce. At 17 he decides to try skating down a steep hill. Poor guy, one moment he's in heaven and then bang! He ends up breaking his shoulder and nearly killing himself. He gave up skating and now plays bass in a band. There is plenty of awesome photography, cool art by Matt Irving, and product and book reviews to round out this issue. What I love most about Skatedork is being able to feel the passion and devotion for a spotr that often gets overlooked. You don't have to be a skater to enjoy this superb zine either. I'm looking forward to the next issue.