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Local Demo Proves World Trend

The Foundation team hit up the E.P.I.C. skate park at Eudora Park in Fort Collins, Colorado on Labor Day 2001. Spectators enjoyed big names and big air on the hottest day of September. Fort Fun punk band Max T.H.C. threw down a quick set which one group of people seemed to enjoy and the Extension team from Greeley, Colorado represented local talent. 303 Collective did not show which most spectators thought was disrespectful.

Each skater hit huge grabs off the pipe with a sick transfer here and there at the mostly vert park. Justin Strubing said, "Everything is sticking to the coping." But, that didn't seem to inhibit him or any other skater. Most notable, however, was the street style of the team. Dan Shimizu rode it again and rode it again fakie. Dan was king of the rail. I would have liked to have seen Jon West conquer the stairs but the skillful Justin Strubing made the extreme heat bearable. Strubing hit a feeble grind on an upward diagonal concrete rail. Dope!

The demo was mellow until the team started tossing the free merchandise to the punk ten-year-old year old kids. They battled for stickers, wheels, and shoes. Then came the decks. Two kids approximately eight years old snagged one for their younger brother. However, an older kid (12 years old) jumped them in the crowd and then took off, deck in hand. The two boys emerged from the crowd bloodied and angry.

What the fuck is going on? Amidst autographs and tramplings, kids feed the fire of modern skateboarding. These young boys are obsessed and ruthless. Skateboarding has turned into a mob event. Counterculture rebels are overpowered by fame-frenzied pre-teens backed by their moms with mini-vans full of Gatorade. Has skateboarding become this mainstream? Yuck!

- Stacy Irving