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column archives

Skateboarding in WV, Episode 1
by Jason Swiger
Ahh how times have slipped by. Almost two years since I last wrote a column for this webzine. Anyhow, this is first in what I would like to call a "mini-column series." A collection of short stories, experienced while skateboarding here in West Virginia, through the eyes of one skateboarder, myself, in order to update you somewhat of the happenings here in this sleepy state.
Adventures at the Hampton Skatepark
by Ben Smart
Living in a small town, I've noticed many things. One of those things is that everyone seems to know everyone else, even if only by sight. That's why it is great to take a break from your town, and to go somewhere else, and act like someone else.

FDR, 4th of July, 2002
by Phil Jackson

The fourth of July at FDR is the most hectic event I have ever witnessed. The recipe for this chaos is basically gnarly skateboarders + a world famous skatepark + alcohol + fireworks. It’s terribly hard to communicate this mayhem through words and photographs but I’ll try my best.
the Love Park Protest
by Phil Jackson
On Sunday, April 22nd, skateboarders from all over the Philadelphia area came to protest the plans to renovate (and ultimately skateproof) Love Park. Mayor Street and his buddies have decided that Love Park is too ugly to attract as many tourists as they would like and so the world-famous skate mecca we all know and love is slowly being deconstructed.
A Part Of Me
by Gav
Do you ever feel like your skateboard is a part of you? Yesterday, I left the house without my skateboard to go to college. I thought it might give me an incentive to finally get around to doing some work at the art gallery I was supposed to visit. Even as I ran out of the house to go and catch my train I felt odd. Why wasn’t I riding down the hill? Walking or running felt weird, it took too much effort. I should be gliding.
Small Town Skateboarding
by Dan O'Connell
Skating in a small town revolves around the newest ramp built or somebody taking a car ride to the nearest park. I live in the town of Farmington, New Hampshire the population is just about 3000.
You Know You're Going to Fail
by Smith
Every time I step onto a skateboard,I know that no matter what happens I will be out doing something I love and enjoy, whether I'm alone or with friends, whether I do well, or not land a single trick. Things like that don't matter at all, it's always been about the actual skating for me.
The Out-Of-Towner
by Pierre Richardson
Eating a doughnut, drinking a cup of coffee. He watched the monitors as hundreds of people walked up, down, left, right, sideways, and in circles. He often pondered when and why he would need to leave his chair next. He hated to do it but it was part of his 'job'. He leaned back, put his feet up, closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep.
FDR, 7/4/01
by Stephen Voss
On my first visit to FDR, I'd taken a 4 AM bus from Washington, DC that arrived just after sunup on a cold winter morning. The sunlight had just begun to erase the dark shadows that hid the park's steep contours and endless lines. Above me, I-95 was full of rush hour commuters. The cars hit a steady, whooshing chord that bounced around the empty concrete walls.
Mix Tape
by Kyla Purtell and Gav
The first split column on Skatedork - two nice pieces of writing that are both short and fit well together, from opposite sides of the Atlantic.
Local Demo Proves World Trend
by Stacy Irving
"Then came the decks. Two kids approximately eight years old snagged one for their younger brother. However, an older kid (12 years old) jumped them in the crowd and then took off, deck in hand. The two boys emerged from the crowd bloodied and angry."
Memories of Megan
by Meg W.
"I remember from the beginning I skated alone; I never really made a point of being alone, it's just how things turned out. I guess I've always seen skating as an individual effort."
Two Short Stories
by Ryan Hardy
"So as you push me away four wheels hit the ground and I roll away. Away into something that returns all the love I give it."
by Alex Pittman
"I've developed a theory through all of my days of skateboarding that boils down to what I need from this art form. There is some piece of life we all need to participate in to make ourselves complete, whether or not we plan on implementing it or not."
by Jason Swiger
"Conformity is a powerful thing. By definition conformity is correspondence in form, manner, or character; synonymous with agreement. Perhaps something missing in the definition, is that when you conform you give up a little of your soul --- a little of your individuality."
Ban Happy
by Jason Karl
"We as skateboarders are wrong in what we do. I accepted that a long time ago. I know that in our pursuit for artistic expression we are unintentionally destroying the infrastructure of society."
Adventures in Baby Hitting
by Mike Lynch
"Your favorite skater should be some individual that you enjoy seeing. He should be unique at least to you. Saying the top guy is your favorite is saying that you haven't really thought about the question at all."
Seeing Red
by Stephen Voss
"If you're not skateboarding with everything you have, you're missing out, honest."
by Alyssa
"I love these ones," he said as he flipped a few pages. They were pictures of his old home and where he used to skate over the summer. Lots of smiling memories.
Trials of an Outcast Youth
by Scott Quatrevingt
Why? Why must all this harassment continue. Is it me? Must I change the way I dress or act, or is it because I LOVE TO RIDE!!!. Should I quit all that I've known for so long???
The Vote
by Drew Weste
Finally the day came. With the sun barely over the horizon, he got dressed, and with twenty others, made his way to city hall, not in his car, but on his skateboard
Getting Back Into Skateboarding
by Mark Stosberg 9.11.99
Some of that is coming back now, and I have heightened clarity about why it is I skateboard, and why I never quit: Skateboarding's fun. I enjoy it.
L'effect est le ciment
by Gabrielle Chapman 2.19.99
"Schrödinger's cat may not be yet dead nor alive but my ankle feels like shit!"
by Stephen Voss 11.13.98
"She takes my selfishness, and my insecurity, and beautifully massages my ego when I need it most."
People are Strange
by Jim Garn 10.17.98
"The little kid moved over to one bench and tried to jump on it but he couldn't ollie that high."
Bad Breaks
by Paul Schweigert 8.10.98

"Daniel tries, and lands on his board. His front foot stays on, but his back foot slides off."
Testimony of an Addict
by Alfred Hochrein 7.14.98
"If bike riding was prohibited, bike riders would be criminals. Do you think it's any different with skateboarders?"
Skateboarding Competitions
by Jeff Krysiak 5.25.98
"This past week I have done quite well in a few local contests, so I thought I would share some tips for contests."
Time, Drugs and Skating
by Mat Creighton 5.3.98

"We weren't straight edge. We didn't profess some moral agenda. We just had better things to do and took the time to pick each other from the pavement."
Skate Kid
by Andrew Kutras 5.1.98
"My son will surpass my skateboarding skills someday, and I will be proud to have started it for him."
The Winning and Losing Battle
by Nic Cornell 4.26.98
"One time I was skating a curb in some residential hood. Before I know it what do ya know along comes "Jed Clampit" and his truck fulla homies."
Looking Back:
Kickin' It Old School with David 3.29.98
"April Vacation seemed to drag like a boring school day. If someone said 'Lance Mountain', I would have thought of a ski resort."
Skating in Israel
by Nitzan Tomer 3.22.98
"My name is Nitzan and I'm from this little country that you may hear a lot on the news: Israel."