from jeff:
I was thinking maybe i could answer a few questions and cut way down on the emails i get
1. Is there a band, will it tour, etc? No.
2. Is the tour with AAA still on? Yes AAA is still touring, I will not be on it. You should go see them. They are one of only a handful of bands that still DO what they talk about.
3. Are you going to do a (blank) in the future? I will not be touring in the future, not as a band, author or accoustic. I may record an accoustic album that is already written, I may not. I do not have the ability to tour anymore so I don't know if any label is going to want to put something out that I can't promote in any way shape or form. Please don't email me asking if or when i'm going to do that cuz I don't know.
4. What about "Survivor"? It will be out 10/17/2000.
5. Will you do an interview? Yes, email me questions. i do not have time for any other type of interview.
6. Can I have a song for our comp? Yes, email subcity and ask them for the compilation song.
7. What about mail order? There is no mail order. If you are one of the first to order survivor from subcity then you will get a free shirt or cd or book or tape. What cd/book/tape? the stuff I used to sell through the mail.
8. Why? As much as Scott or some others would like you to believe that I make tons of money off this band, the simple fact is that it has always been a money loser. Sure I make money off a tour or i get royalties a few times a year. It doesn't even come close to the amount of money and time spent maintaining it. I am no longer in a position of continuing to lose money. i have kids and am in five figure debt. By the way that nice little "ethic" WE created for punk rock that says you can't make a living off of it means that people who have kids and people who don't live with their parents and aren't wealthy can't do a band. That's classism.
9. In short I'm done, I had a good time in between funerals.


From subcity: Fifteen have finished recording their new full length "Surviver," which will be out in October of this year on Sub City. But to hold you over their will be a cdep/12" ep that will be released on July 25th, called "Hush." Thanks to Laim for the update.


Fifteen 5/20/00 San Francisco, CA - Cocodrie (with Against All Authority and Damnation), Early Show!


Jeff Ott "My World" Spoken Word/Acoustic Tour
2/18/00 Sonoma, CA - The Shop
2/19/00 San Fran, CA - Cocodrie
2/20/00 Eureka, CA - The Vista
2/21/00 Portland, OR - Reading Frenzy
2/24/00 Salt Lake City, UT - Kilbey Court
2/25/00 Denver, CO - The Raven
2/27/00 Mesa, AZ - The Nile Theater
3/1/00 San Diego, CA - The Epicentre
3/2/00 Long Beach, CA - PCH Club
3/3/00 Santa Ana, CA - Koo's Cafe
3/4/00 Los Angeles, CA - Headline Records
3/4/00 La Canada, CA - La Canada Youth Ctr. with Falling Sickness


from Jeff:
The band is John - bass, Jim - drums. The book will be out feb 15th. We're recording april, cd out july. There's a possible free live show on mp3 at the subcity site in the next couple of months. Book tour 2/18-3/5, dates coming soon.


Scott has left the band for personal reasons. I was lucky enough to have met him and talked with him over e-mail a few times, and was always inspired by his kindness and thoughtfulness. Good luck Scott.

From Jeff:
Let's see, Joe's back from Boston. We still gotta write about a third more of the next record. I'm about 8/10ths done with the book I'm writting. Grace is a few days shy of 1 years old. No plans for shows in the immediate future, however I will be playing accoustic in Santa Cruz next month. Benefit for their exchange. Fifteen will officialy be taking off the week of 12/27/99-1/3/00 just in case:p Allegra will be reissued on Subcity in the near future. It will benefit a local battered woman's advocacy group called the Women's Justice Center. I heard Danny at Cool Guy Records will be putting extra medium on vinyl real soon. That's all folks.


Tour dates announced so far (Fifteen, FYP, Falling Sickness, Dillinger Four, Scared Of Chaka):

6/25/99 Worcester, MA The Space
6/26/99 Philly, PA Stalag 13
6/27/99 New York, NY Coney Island High
6/28/99 Allentown, PA The Sweat Shop
6/29/99 Washington, DC The Wilson Center
6/30/99 Atlanta, GA The Echo Lounge
7/1/99 Orlando, FL The Sapphire Club
7/2/99 Miami Beach, FL Salvation
7/3/99 St. Petersburg, FL State Theater
7/4/99 New Orleans, LA State Palace Theater
7/5/99 Austin, TX Emo's
7/6/99 San Antonio, TX Wacky's
7/7/99 Albuquerque, NM Launchpad
7/8/99 Tempe, AZ Boston's
7/9/99 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy
7/10/99 San Diego, CA The Epicenter
7/11/99 Pomona, CA The Glass House


The album has been recorded, and from Scott, "Jean has decided to leave FIFTEEN to do his own project. He'll still be a part of things (and I still plan on playing jazz and EBMUD with him while I can) but he won't be playing shows with us anymore. I understand that he wants to stick to what he loves and at least he was part of it up to this point, and he's on the album. In his opinion though, he felt he wasn't an integral part of FIFTEEN and he didn't want to give up his gigs around the bay area. In any event, he left on good terms and as far as I can see it should still sound the same." So, Joe from Space Case [note: amazing band, order the Cd from Jeff] is possibly in line to be the new guitarist. Release date is April 24th.


Fifteen is set to record their new album in February. It will be called Lucky, in remembrance of their old bassist, it should be out in April.


From Jeff "... the current plan is that there will be no new record on cool guy. there will be a new cd on hopeless's new label sub-city(all benefit label)." This album will benefit the lawsuit brought against the FBI and the Oakland Police for framing Judi Bari and Darryl Cheney. There's more information about this on the Judi Bari Home Page.


The re-release of extra medium kick ball all-star (name was slightly changed) is out. It also contains tracks by Busybackson, Polk High #33, and One Man Running (Jeff's favorite band). The acoustic album is also out, and can be ordered from fifteen, ordering info is on the buystuff page.


From Jeff Ott: "I would like to announce, that after 18 hours of labor, and an emergency c-section, the birth of Grace Lauren Ott yesterday afternoon. Later. "

Also, Jeff is releasing an acoustic album on Cool Guy Records, hopefully I'll have information on it later, and Cool Guy is also reissuing the extra medium kick ball star vinyl

And, of course, if you haven't heard yet, Fifteen is back together.