Ben Smart gets vintage with these new skate pics.
Hugh Frost from the bloody UK contributes three.
Jason Bash, coming back again. These photos capture the motion and energy of skateboarding.
Jason Bash vs. Aaron Stein/Phil Jackson. Who will win the battle of the skate photographers?
Jason Karl! Contribution #60! Things are settling here, and I'm going to begin getting through this huge backlog of amazing writing and photography I have to post here.
Bash's new pictures, including pictures from Shred for Ben.
Put everything down and check out Jason Karl's new pictures. The FDR shots are incredible, and the other shots are of kids I skate with back home in NJ, rock. If anyone knows who the guy is at FDR, let us know.
Mike Lynch is from Ottawa, and is one of the few people who has contributed writing and photos to the site. Thanks Mike.

Aaron Stein and Phil Jackson return with more rad photos, I think this is the first time that we've had back to back contributions from the same people, rock.

The color photos at FDR are amazing.

Aaron Stein and Phil Jackson sent me some tag team photos as they switched off on skating and shooting photos.
Sean Lory sent me some more pictures which I'm only now (3 weeks later) getting around to putting up. Thanks Sean.
Some older JB pictures that I never put up, but that warrant your attention, yep.

These pictures were attached to a couple of e-mails, with the note:
Hi! Few photos from Poland - a country in central Europe.

I opened them up, and the pictures blew my mind, super-professional looking and crazy tricks.

Trademark Jason Bash pictures: Great composition and sick riders doing sick tricks.
Aaron Stein's contributions come from the Philadelphia area with great shots from Love and FDR.
Sean Lory documents his friends skating homemade obstacles and street.
Matt Meyer's photos feel like pure skateboarding.
Mike Vallely skating in a Post Office, you'll only see this here. Jason Karl comes through again.
Dookie returns to school the youngsters in Skate Photo 101.
Casey Lynn representing Impact Skateboards is a hell of a skateboarder. These pictures would have been up much sooner, but I was busy covering the A16 protests.
I don't know what's been happening recently, but here at skatedork we've been getting loads of great photos. These are more of them, from dookie.
I realized today that I haven't used most of Arthur Hewitt's pictures, and they're really great, so I'm putting some more of them up for everyone to check out. And this stupid helicopter keeps flying around my building.
Jordan Baumgarten's the newest skatedork contributor. He contacted me a couple of days ago about contributing pictures, and then sent this first batch over. Great composition, nice photos.
Shred for Mike 2000 was held at Extremes in New Jersey a couple of weeks. I went and took some pictures, so, hm.

Older Photos